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Legislative session to see big push for paid family leave in Minnesota

The governor-elect has made paid leave a top priority for his first year in office, while a newly empowered DFL majority in the House is sympathetic to the issue. Even the GOP chair of a Senate committee reconstituted to take on family issues says she wants to look into the issue.

Five Years Since It Was First Introduced, It’s Time to Renew the New Family Leave Act

It is time to renew the promise of the FAMILY Act. The new Democratic leaders in the House will almost surely renew the bill and pass it in the House, while Republicans in the Senate should prove once and for all whether they are actually the party of family values.

Workers start paying for Washington’s new paid-leave law next month. Here’s how it works.

“You kind of feel like you’re behind, and it’s just nice to feel like we’re catching up,” [Sammamish worker Maia] Knox said of the new benefit.

Guest column: Now is time to boost paid family leave, and these Louisiana representatives can help

Both political parties recognize that adopting a national policy is good for business, families, state government, and the overall economy and country. The only question is how we will get it done.

Real-life gender pay gap far bigger than thought, U.S. economists say

“There’s a lot of women that aren’t able to work full-time full-year, and there are consequences to this,” [study co-author and labor economist Stephen Rose] said. More than 40 percent of today’s women workers have taken at least one year off with no earnings, typically to care for children or aging or ailing family members, the study said.

Paid Leave Is an LGBTQ Issue

Only policies that meet our complex needs can allow us to be ourselves whether at work or beyond. That’s why in addition to advocating for housing and job security, I’m a trans activist fighting for paid family and medical leave – one of the policies that is urgently needed for the trans community.

Gov. Jeff Colyer puts paid parental leave in place for Kansas state employees

Gov. Jeff Colyer signed a paid parental leave executive order Wednesday that will apply to more than 17,000 state employees.

The positive reaction to Dwyane Wade's extended paternity leave signals a cultural shift

When Dwyane Wade introduced his newborn daughter and announced he would take time away from basketball to be a father, I braced myself for the backlash. Instead, he and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, were greeted with congratulations from teammates, celebrities and fans.

Maternity Leave Did Not Apply To Me As An Adoptive Mother

I never dreamed about the questions I would face when broaching the subject of maternity leave as an adoptive mother.

Parents of disabled children face impossible choices. Paid family leave can make them easier

All parents of children face challenges balancing work, child-rearing, and family responsibilities. However, parents of children with disabilities often perform caregiving duties related to their child’s disability, beyond what is typical for child-rearing.

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