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25% of Women Have Turned Down a Job Because of the Benefits Package. Here’s How Employers Can Fix That.

[M]any employers aren’t making it easy for [women] with their limited family leave policies, rigid cultures and business models that, in practice, often really don’t support working parents.

Teachers donating sick days is a symptom of a wretched system

Donating sick and vacation days may seem like a thoughtful way to have a colleague's back, but it's also a spotlight on a gaping need to fix an utterly broken system.

We need family leave -- but not at the expense of retirement benefits

Rather than further stressing our retirement system, a paid leave plan that is supported with very modest payroll contributions would ensure that American families have access to paid leave when they need it without compromising their ability to retire on time.

Why people of faith are speaking up about paid family leave

[New father Charlie] Camosy's support for paid family leave doesn't stem only from his positive personal experience. He feels called to advocate for it because of his Catholic faith, which teaches that both work and parenthood are important pursuits.

A National Paid Family Leave Program Would Boost America’s Small Businesses

The absence of a paid family and medical leave policy in the United States is hurting my employees and my business. It doesn’t have to be this way, however, because a plan to solve this problem has been on the table for years – only Congress declined to act on it.

Momentum on paid family leave is building

A paid leave policy designed to support workers who suddenly find themselves managing a crisis like this - not just the anticipated time off needed for childbirth, but also the sudden care need presented by a diagnosis of cancer, stroke, or even a happy but sudden adoption notification – would be a policy designed for robust voter support. Not everyone will plan to give birth, but who among us can say that we will never face an unexpected health crisis in our own family?

Christians are calling for better family leave policies. That wasn’t always the case.

A prominent Christian think tank has come out fiercely in favor of better family leave policies, defending federally mandated family leave policies on theological grounds.

Black Workers Need “Real” Not “Fake” Paid Family Leave

The “fake” paid family leave option, restricts participation to only maternity leave and diverts social security funds to pay for the program. […] For most Black women, social security makes up at least half of their income stream during retirement, according to the 2014 Black Women in the United States report by the Black Women’s Roundtable.

Paid family leave: While US lags behind, more states set policies

[Rhode Island state senator Gayle Goldin] says Rhode Island’s program has won over small business owners who were initially opposed, and has become a selling point for companies recruiting staff to work there. “It’s important not only because they [employees] think they’ll need the leave, but also about the values of the state.... It sets the tone for workplace culture,” she says.

A policy is born: Paid family leave for city employees

Councilmember Eva Putzova, who pushed for the [paid leave] measure to be included in this year’s budget, agreed. “At some point it’s difficult to talk about family values and not follow through,” said Putzova, adding that in Slovakia, where she grew up, such a benefit is seen as almost a right.

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