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Three Companies That Show Taking the Benefits High Road Is Good for Business

In October 2017, the ASBC came out with their own research showing that companies who invested in promoting family-friendly benefits, flexibility, fair living wages, cultivated inclusion, engaged with communities, for example, could improve retention of quality employees, earn better results from contractors and vendors, and attract fast-growing numbers of consumers who want to buy from values-based organizations.

America's Paid Leave Crisis Is Hurting Families & Driving People Into Poverty, New Documentary Shows

Zero Weeks, [Ky] Dickens' fourth feature-length film, is a stark and poignant look at the consequences of inaction on paid leave in the U.S.

This man was just trying to be a good dad. Instead, he got fired

Many fathers who take on roles stereotypically reserved for mothers find themselves fighting the same battles working mothers have fought going back decades, including the legal ones: in December 2016, Carlson sued CVS, claiming it had violated federal family leave law and demanding back pay, damages and attorneys' fees.

The Economics of Paid Parental Leave

The question of whether parents should spend time bonding with their newborns was answered experimentally, through neuroscience and psychology. Likewise, the question of whether businesses and societies should provide paid parental leave is being answered experimentally, through an economic experiment in California.

Millennials See Paternity Leave as a Priority

“Men are doubling down on their daddy duties,” said Karyn Twaronite, global diversity and inclusiveness officer at Ernst & Young. “They want to have impact at home as well as at work.”

Why Paid Leave Advocates Are Skeptical About a Last-Minute GOP Tax Incentive for Paid Leave

Less than 24 hours before passing its tax overhaul through the House, the GOP revised the legislation to include a paid family leave tax credit. Why aren’t paid leave advocates celebrating?

Considering a national paid leave policy

As two professors focused on the intersections of work, adult health and development at Boston College and the University of Denver, respectively, we have looked carefully at the ample evidence demonstrating the need for workplaces that value and respect caregiving.

City council president: Why I'm bringing my baby to work

When I gave birth to my second child three months ago – in the heat of summer and a re-election campaign – I found myself in a situation that women across the country face. I needed to go back to work, but many childcare centers won't accept babies until they're at least three months old.

Cost of breast cancer burdensome for many patients

[Roberta] Woodard burned up all of her sick leave early in her treatment, which meant she didn’t get paid when she missed work for chemotherapy treatments or doctor’s appointments.

Cancer Patients Should Not Have to Choose Between Treatment and Work

[A]t a time when people are struggling to survive, too many are also trying to keep food on the table, make it through the workday and keep face in order to keep their job.

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