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Cost of breast cancer burdensome for many patients

[Roberta] Woodard burned up all of her sick leave early in her treatment, which meant she didn’t get paid when she missed work for chemotherapy treatments or doctor’s appointments.

Cancer Patients Should Not Have to Choose Between Treatment and Work

[A]t a time when people are struggling to survive, too many are also trying to keep food on the table, make it through the workday and keep face in order to keep their job.

The Neuroscience of Paid Parental Leave

Paid parental leave (for both parents) is associated with decreased infant mortality, less postpartum depression, more breastfeeding, more follow-up doctor appointments and more involved dads—all things that promote healthy brain development.

New York state tackles paid family leave

Plans similar to what UncommonGoods is offering will be statewide in the near future because on January 1, all New York state businesses, no matter how small, will be required to provide what’s being hailed as one of the most progressive paid leave policies in the nation.

My Turn: With paid family leave, everybody wins

In New Hampshire, 82 percent support implementing a paid family leave program and are willing to pay costs prorated on individual weekly wages.

Small businesses need paid leave

While I do feel some anxiety about mandating paid family medical leave, a proposal like the FAMILY Act would make it far more feasible for me and many other small-business owners to provide this critical benefit to our employees.

Fair Society: Contemplating the Benefits of Paid Family Leave

Ultimately, parents and other caregivers have a variety of needs, and paid family leave could ease some of the burdens many individuals face.

Parental leave expands for California workers so they can bond with their newborns

Under a new law to combat workplace inequities, some 2.7 million California mothers and fathers will gain the right to a long-sought benefit: 12 weeks of job-protected leave to bond with their newborns.

D.C. Native Fights to Save Universal Paid Leave

It’s not right that where you live in this city determines how you’re able to care for your family. We are the nation’s capital. We should be leading the way.

Amazon takes parental leave so seriously, even spouses get paid time off

More than most, Amazon has been on the cutting edge. The retail behemoth not only offers a generous paid parental leave policy for both moms and dads, it also helps parents ramp back up after being out and even pays for its employees' spouses who do not work at the company to take time off.

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