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Large companies, including many with Omaha operations, expand their paid family leave policies

For some expectant parents, 2016 was a banner year and December a flag-waver: More than two dozen large employers announced that they would bolster their paid family leave benefits.

Here's How Working Women Can Advocate For Themselves During Trump's Presidency

There are concrete ways women (and their allies) can advocate for themselves at work, in spite of resistance -- and even hostility -- from on high.

‘I Wasn’t There To Help’: Dad With Newborn Struggles With Lack Of Leave

Mike Cruse is the father of a new baby. His daughter Olivia was born in July. But like most fathers in the U.S., he doesn’t get paid parental leave.

D.C. Council votes for expansive paid family and medical leave for private-sector workers.

The D.C. Council gave final approval to a plan that will provide private-sector workers some of the nation’s most generous family and medical leave benefits, fighting off a last-minute revolt by the city’s business establishment and Mayor Muriel E. Bowser.

Family-centered Utah needs paid parental leave

Utah is a state that emphasizes strengthening families. However, our current treatment of working mothers does not reflect this community value.

Paid family & medical leave: A support for small businesses and working Vermonters

My name is Cecile Johnston, and I am the owner of Jumping Raindrops Sewing and Design in Montpelier. I'm writing to address the importance of a statewide family and medical leave insurance program and shine a light on the very real implications such a program would have for families throughout the state of Vermont.

Congressional leaders should reject Trump’s maternity leave scheme

We were glad to hear the President-elect talk about the need for relief for working women. But those of us who have fought for decades for affordable leave cannot support his flawed proposal for paid maternity leave, and members of Congress who believe in real policy change for working families should not support it either.

Ikea Is Giving All U.S. Employees Paid Parental Leave No Matter How Many Hours They Work

Starting Jan. 1, Ikea’s 14,000 salaried and hourly workers in the U.S. will receive up to four months of paid parental leave. Lars Petersson, head of Ikea’s U.S. operations, told the Wall Street Journal that the company expects the program to improve productivity and reduce turnover.

Bringing Up Baby, Helping the Economy

Too often new parents feel terrified—and not just about the daunting prospect of raising a child. Many of them must grapple with a gut-wrenching decision: How quickly can they leave their newborn to get back to their job? Few can afford to go without salaries for long or to weaken their future wage-earning potential by leaving their job altogether.

For National Adoption Month, a look at some local businesses that extended employees’ paid parental leave

As National Adoption Month comes to a close, we reflected on local employers who’ve made an impact in the lives of employees who adopt. Extending paid parental leave is a trend several large banks have joined this year to build in more flexibility and financial support for employees to care for their families.

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