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An American dad in Sweden now has plenty of family time

Children spending more quality time with their fathers has a cascade of social benefits, according to the Swedish government, but it also allows women to pursue their careers and become more active members of the workforce.

Family leave is a Catholic issue

Being openly dedicated to the betterment of employees and their families remains a gold standard for Catholic organizations that align themselves with the Catholic mission. Some Catholic companies have begun to go beyond FMLA regulations to further support employees and their families.

Lawmakers Push to Expand Paid Family Leave in Rhode Island

The bill would also make caregivers of a sibling or grandchild eligible. It would increase the amount that people who [earn] less than double the minimum wage can receive when claiming temporary caregiver insurance.

Millennials Struggling to Care for Aging Baby Boomer Parents Call for Better Paid Leave

One positive aspect of so many millennials taking on caregiving responsibilities, experts say, is that it may force lawmakers and companies to start paying attention.

Jersey City to offer paid parental leave for municipal workers

Jersey City municipal workers will be eligible for paid parental leave, thanks to an executive order signed by Mayor Steve Fulop.

How paid leave affects families and not just those having babies

If Utah offered paid family leave, [Jasmine] Parker says she'd have a buffer — time to deal with crises in her own immediate family, time for a vacation, time to just breathe. “It would be amazing,” she says. "I think I'm probably like a lot of people. Sometimes, it feels pretty overwhelming."

Local Connection: Paid Family Leave

We should not be asking families to choose between losing their income and caring for family members when they are ill.

'We're in the 19th century': Tammy Duckworth on motherhood and the Senate

“We seem to have this view that paid family leave is some sort of touchy-feely women’s only policy,” [Sen.] Duckworth said. “This isn’t just an entitlement. It’s really an economic imperative for our nation.”

Paid family and medical leave is necessary to protect Americans

Having enough time to establish a breastfeeding relationship prior to returning to work represents one of a multitude of reasons why paid family medical leave is an issue central to the health of New Mexican families.

A New Study Shows How Other Countries Are Making Paid Leave Work

Jody Heymann, the study’s senior author, says it’s clear that if the U.S. implemented a program aligning with the study’s findings, “families would be less likely to fall into poverty, women would have better economic outcomes in terms of their earnings, which contributes to family earnings, and the U.S. would be every bit as able to compete and have as low an unemployment rate.”

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